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Microcoin Rules

English: Download a PDF with the Microcoin rules.

Nederlands: De Microcoin rules zijn vooralsnog alleen beschikbaar in het Engels


Terms for the six month 10% referral discount for members

If you introduce a new member to Microlab, you get 10% of their monthly membership fee as a discount on your membership fee for the first six months of their membership.

There are some terms though:

  • This deal only applies to new office or studio memberships with a initial contract period of at least 3 months;
  • If you already have a discount on your membership (for any reason), you do not get an additional discount for referring a new members;
  • The monthly discount only starts after our new member paid his deposit and first month of membership;
  • You have to make sure we know the new member is your referral within two weeks of that person getting in touch with Microlab (you can send us a mail or WhatsApp);
  • If more than one member claims the referral discount for a new member, we ask the new member who really did the convincing. If that is a tie, we split the discount;
  • The 10% discount is calculated over what the new member really pays for their membership after any discounts granted to the new member and excluding any upgrades, deposit and all additional fees that we charge the new member;
  • If either of you leave during the six months, the discount is cancelled;
  • The discount you receive is capped at 15% of your own membership fee; and
  • If the new member has a discount of more than 10% of the advertised rate for the membership, you do not get the referral discount.