Nieuw bij Microlab?

Als je vraag niet op de lijst staat, stuur dan een mail naar:


Ik heb geen zin in allerlei activiteiten en gezelligheid. Ik wil gewoon werken. Mag dat?

Natuurlijk, maar Microlab is wel gebouwd op samenwerking. Dus als jij het liefst met je gordijnen dicht in je eentje achter een computer zit, dan zijn wij waarschijnlijk niet de beste plek voor jou.

Zijn wij te klein voor Microlab?

Nee. Heel veel ZZP’ers en start ups zijn Microlab members. Ook veel twee, drie en vierpersoonsbedrijven zijn gehuisvest in Microlab.

Zijn wij te groot voor Microlab?

Waarschijnlijk niet. Onze grootste members hebben zo’n 50 werkplekken in Microlab, dus ze huren meerdere kantoorruimtes naast elkaar. Wij hebben ook veel corporate klanten die wereldwijd duizenden medewerkers hebben; vaak kiezen zij voor Microlab als regiokantoor met één of meer kantoren.

Is er plek?

Microlab is zo groot dat we vrijwel altijd plek hebben voor jouw organisatie. We hebben een ruim aanbod aan flexkantoren, flexplekken, ateliers & werkplaatsen. Meer dan 200 bedrijven zijn gehuisvest in Microlab. Er is (bijna) altijd plek voor nog één!

Wat zijn de algemene huurvoorwaarden en opzegtermijn?

Na het eerste contract van drie maanden heb je altijd een opzegtermijn van slechts een maand. Je kan alvast onze Algemene Voorwaarden doornemen, zodat je precies weet waar je aan toe bent.

Zijn er veel bijkomende kosten?

Nee, het overgrote deel van onze klanten betaalt alleen de abonnementskosten en heeft daarbovenop geen kosten voor printen, internet, verwarming, elektra, schoonmaak of andere diensten. Als je heel specifieke ICT wensen hebt of regelmatig grote bijeenkomsten organiseert, moeten we daar losse afspraken over maken.

Is Microlab just for startups and freelancers?

Certainly not! Microlab houses a broad selection of organisations, including freelancers, startups, corporates, multinationals, SME and non-profits.

Is Microlab alleen voor startups en zzp'ers?

Zeker niet! Microlab is juist een brede afspiegeling van het Eindhovense ondernemersklimaat, waaronder zzp’ers, startups, corporates, multinationals, MKB en stichtingen.

Can I use the forklift?

No, not personally. For incidental, small jobs, ask Chris, he’ll help you out. If you need it regularly for big jobs, contact who own our on site forklift.

Can I use the loading dock?

Sure. Ring the bell at the gate, tell the receptionist who you are and why you’re there, the gate will open and you can use the docks. Please do not park at the loading docks too long, so other members can use them as well.

Can I store goods at Microlab?

Not really, but you can contact our Service Point at they offer a warehousing service.

Can I have my mail and packages sent our by Microlab?

We have a deal with Paragon Service Point to handle all incoming and outgoing packages in our building, visit them or send an email to

Where can I collect my mail?

Regular mail comes in through our front desk. Parcels and registered mail come in through the Service Point.

I've found a tool, can I keep it?

Please bring it to the shop, so the rightful owner has a chance to get it back.

I've lost a tool, now what?

Ask Chris, he might have found it, or someone might have brought it to him.

Can Microlab provide me with screws, wood etc.

No. If you need a couple of screws every now and then, ask Chris, he’ll help you out. But in general all materials and parts should be provided by members themselves. Wood can be ordered at Jongeneel, Baars & Bloemhof etc. who deliver at our loading docks.

How long can I keep Microlab tools in my studio?

Please bring everything back as soon as possible, so other members have a chance to use them as well.

Can I take Microlab tools home?

No, under no circumstance.

What tools and work rooms can I not use?

We charge extra for use of the CNC machine. We also expect a maker to have a basic set of hand tools and a screw machine. You can borrow ours incidentally, but this should not become a habit. Anything you use with our power tools that wears down (sanding pads,drills etc.) should be provided by you.

What tools and work rooms can I use?

ou can use almost everything; our workrooms, our big machines, the power tools from our shop and, if it’s incidental, you can also use hand tools from the shop.

Is there a waste container for empty batteries?

Yes, there’s one at reception and one at the Shop on the “Dirty Side”. You can hand them in there.

Is there a waste container for confidential paper?

Yes, it should also be right next to the printer.

Is there a waste container for paper?

Yes, it should be right next to the printer. For boxes, you’ll find bigger waste paper containers down stairs. Please flatten boxes before you throw them in.

Is there a waste basket for empty toner cartridges?

No, sorry, there’s not. If our printers need the toner replaced, please contact us by sending a WhatsApp message to 06 – 14609109. If you use your own printers and need to dispose of toner cartridges, please do so in an eco-friendly manner.

Could it be that a VPN connection interferes with printing?

It does. Our printers can only be reached from a local IP address, which is not the case if you use a VPN.

There is no paper in the printer, now what?

Look in the printer’s bottom drawer, there should be extra paper there. If not, please send a WhatsApp message to 06 – 14609109.

I tried everything, but i still can't print.

That sucks! Please send an email to and we will get in touch to try and help you out.

I clicked "print", nothing is happening.

- Did you follow all the instructions in the installation manual to the letter?! Please don’t take shortcuts. 8 out 10 times that we are requested to help, all we had to do was follow the instructions accurately.
- If you are using a Mac you need to have the papercut app installed and running.
- Make sure you’re on the actual “Microlab” wifi network, not on the Microlab Guest network.
- Disable your VPN or proxy if you have any. You cannot print to our printers while you are on a VPN connection.
- Make sure you are using the name servers assigned by the Microlab network. If you set your own nameservers (to or, for instance), printing will not work.

If you go to and enter your printer credentials, you should be able to see the document in the queue. If not, make sure you follow all the other bullet points, then contact us by sending and email to

I can't login to the printer, now what?

Make sure you are using the credentials that you see on top of after you log in. If you are, please contact us by sending and email to

I'm installing the printer on Windows and can't see the printer in the list of possible devices, now what?

Make sure you are doing every single step in our instructions. We found that often people skip step 4.h. Please select “Have Disk” and select the driver that you downloaded: Driver_Folder >Windows > 64bit > XP and newer > OEMSETUP.inf

Is using VOIP an option?

Yes, it’s possible. Send an email to and we’ll get back to you.

I'm trying to install NAS on the WiFi network, but I can't get a connection.

You can only connect to other devices like a NAS using the VLAN in an office or in a private wifi zone. To get a private wifi zone, please contact for options and pricing.

How much do I pay for internet upgrades?

Send an email to for a price list.

Is WiFi quicker than ethernet?

It might be. The speed of wifi depends on the usage throughout the building. Of course, we will strive to keep it as fast as possible. Fixed ethernet connections are 20/20 Mbs by default. If you need ethernet to be faster, send an email to for options.

What is included in my membership, internet wise?

As a basis all our members get access to the Microlab wifi network. All offices also have a VLAN (per office) with a 20/20 Mbs internet connection. Support on ICT is on a best-effort basis and can be reached at

If you need any upgrades from this standard, please see contact for a price list as the options depend on your membership type and where in the building you are.

Are pets allowed?

Yes they are, but they are your full responsibility. Please keep them out of the wood workshop and other obvious places.

Are children allowed?

Yes, but of course they are your full responsibility. Please keep them out of the wood workshop and other obvious places.

I can't register more members, what now?

Perhaps you have reached the maximum number of members you can register? If so, you can remove people who are no longer part of your team to free up a slot. If this is possible, please send an e-mail to we’ll help you out.

Can I get parking tickets for guests and clients?

Yes. You can get them through Mobility-S. Take a look at their site

When is a guest no longer a guest?

Basically when Microlab employees start recognizing recurring guests. People should not be using Microlab accomodations on a regular basis, without being a paying member.

How do I register a guest?

Log in your page and click on “register a guest”.

Can external parties use our meeting rooms?

Yes, they can. They can contact us at and we’ll take it from there.

Can I use a meeting room without booking it?

No, but you can book it right before using it, so this shouldn’t be a problem.

How can I book a meeting room?

You can book a meeting room through or use the tablet next to a meeting room door. You can do this months in advance, or seconds before you use the room, as long as it has not been booked already.

How do I enable, or disable, direct debit?

Your Primary Member can log into and click the Enable (or Disable) Direct Debit button on the right. Just follow the instructions there.

How can I change the primary member on my membership agreement?

You can send an email to Please keep in mind that this is a bit of work for us, so we charge €50 and it might take a couple of days.

Can I have someone other than the primary member, be in charge of registering mebers, financial management, etc.?

No, the Primary Member is our point of contact for all administrative and financial matters.

Can I get a new, or extra, copy of my contract?

Sure, just send a request to

Am I allowed up on the roof, to shoot a video or take pictures?

No, sorry.

Can we put up pictures, paintings, coat racks, clocks etc. in our office?

Only with prior permission. Please send an email to with a description of what you would like to do. Reasonable requests should not be a problem.

I have a complaint, where can I leave this?

You can send an email to If it’s urgent, you can send an WhatsApp message to: 06 – 14609109.

Where can I park my bicycle?

There’s a big bicycle storage on the side of our building which you can use for a one time deposit of €12,50. For more information, please see (Sadly, this site is only available in Dutch…)

Where can I find parking terms, prices etc.?

The parking lot is not managed by Microlab. For more information, please see (Sadly, this site is only available in Dutch…)

Where do I find my team ID & pin?

Log in to MyMicrolab ( and it will be at the top of the page.

You need this info to:

- Book a meeting room from the tablets next to the room door;
- Use the printers; and
- Book resources like the table saw.

How I add a coworker, colleague or other member?

To add another member, please login in to MyMicrolab at an then click on your name in the top right corner to open the menu in which you’ll see the register member link.

Note: if you don’t see the link, you are not the primary member and cannot register an new team member.

Tip: this is the direct link .

What is the WiFi password?

The network you should use is: Microlab

(Note: do not use Microlab Guest if you are a member. This network is slower and doesn’t allow you to use the printers or meeting room tv’s.)

The password for this network is printed on the booklet you received when you became a member. It is also displayed on the monitors in the meeting rooms.

How do I see my invoices?

To see your invoices, please login to MyMicrolab at and then click on your name in the top right corner to open the menu in which you’ll see the Invoices link. Note: if you don’t see the link, you are not the primary member and cannot see the invoices.

Pro tip: this is the direct link

Common problems when installing the printer

We find that in 9 out of a 10 cases, the printers can be installed by following the instructions you can find in: How do I install the printer?

If you followed those instructions carefully and it still does not work, please check the following:

Did you precisely follow the instructions in How do I install the printer? If not, please try again and follow every single step.
Are you connected to the Microlab WiFi network? You have to be connected to the Microlab WiFi network to print. (Note that Microlab Guest is not the same network.)
Do you have an active VPN or Remote Desktop connection? The Microlab printers will only work if you are connected directly to the Microlab network. In order to print, you will need to turn off any VPN you are running.
Did you manually set a DNS server? If so, the Microlab printers and meeting room presentation software will not work.
TIP: a quick way to test if the problem is either #2, 3 or 4 is to go to: If that page loads, you are connected to the Microlab WiFi without a VPN and the printers should work. If that page does not load, you are either on the wrong network, are using a VPN or are somehow getting your DNS from somewhere other than our servers.

How do I install a printer?

We have 5 steps for installing the printer.

Go to
Click download (don’t change the file name!)
Run the downloaded file and follow the instructions (Make sure you select “Microlab Shared Printers”)
Enter your print credentials
You are ready to print! (Select the right printer before you click print)